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Drive-In/Drive Through Pallet Racking

Drive Through Pallet Racking

Drive-In/Drive-Thru pallet rack systems support loads on rails attached to its upright beams.

Easy Product Access

This type of structure is designed to allow lift trucks to drive between the uprights, providing easy access to products and materials.

Benefits & Features

Drive In/Thru pallet racks require similar width loads but offer many advantages, including:

  • An ideal storage solution for heavy-duty pallet loads in a multi-deep, high density arrangement
  • Two types of construction are available:
    • Roll formed
    • Structural steel
  • Increased efficiency and productivity by reducing the time needed to load and unload product

Drive In Racks

Drive-in racking is closed at one end, allowing entry from only one end.

This rack system offers multi deep storage with LIFO¹ (last in, first out) product rotation. Pallets are stored and retrieved from ONE end of the rack.

Drive Through Pallet Racking

Drive-thru rack is open at BOTH ends.

This rack system provides LIFO and FIFO² (first in, first out) access. Pallets are stored and retrieved from EITHER end of each lane or bay.

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Maximize Warehouse Space Utilization

According to How to Configure and Equip your Warehouse1, when choosing the right combination of rack system, storage depth, and retrieval system:

Rack utilization is increased from 55% to 75%.


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Drive-In/Thru Pallet Rack Manufacturers

SHS has partnered with several leading manufacturers of Drive In/Drive Through Pallet Racking systems. Examples include:

Interlake Mecalux logo

Interlake Mecalux specializes in the design and manufacturing of pallet racks, industrial shelving, gravity flow racks, and other storage solutions.

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