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Monster Dolly™

Heavy Duty Tri-Dolly Monster Dolly™ Pallet Rack Moving System

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Heavy Duty Tri-Dolly

Our high-capacity dollies enable you to move complete palette flow rack modules with the palette flow lanes intact.

Pallet Rack Moving

Watch our 90 second “how to” video below and learn how to save time, money, and resources on your next Pallet Rack moving project.

Move Palette Racks the Easy Way!

Rack Moving Dollies

Rack Moving Dollies

Do you need to move complete rows of palette rack or other types of rack within your facility from one location to another?

Southern Handling Systems developed palette-rack moving dollies that allow you to move complete rows of many types of rack.

No Disassembly. No Reinstallation.

Two men can move an entire row of rack easily without going through the time and expense of disassembly and reinstallation.

Save Time. Save Money.

Features and benefits of our high-capacity moving dollies include:

  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Three (3) high-capacity swivel casters bolted to each dolly
  • Ability to relocate up to 14 bays of back-to-back structural palette rack at one time
    • Requires only a few men and a forklift
  • Durability to move complete palette flow rack modules
  • Palette flow lanes remain intact while moving palette flow rack modules

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If you have an interest in moving palette rack, palette flow rack, or any other types of storage racks by using these dollies, contact Southern Handling Systems.

We’ll be glad to discuss the sale of these dollies, the rental of these dollies, or providing the complete turn-key service for us to come to your facility and make the move for you.