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SHS Warehouse

SHS Warehouse Storage Facility

Southern Handling Systems (SHS) manages a 3-bay, 42,000 square foot Industrial Warehouse and Storage Facility near Maxwell Air Force Base in west Montgomery.

Located on Day street in Maxwell Heights, our entrance is approximately 1 mile from the I-65/85 interchange.

For information about new product sales and services, visit our corporate and sales office page.

Map & Directions

Hours of Operation

Project Management

The SHS Warehouse is a multi-purpose property integral for our Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) sales and services’ support and operations.

Will Steindorff, Lead Project Manager at SHS, keeps an office at this address and oversees all activities at the facility, including:

  • Employee performance
  • Project staging and offsite assembly
  • Order fulfillment for new dollies
  • Tenant requests
  • Sale of used equipment

Workflow Support

The SHS Warehouse provides ample space for a variety of activities that enable us to stay on schedule and satisfy project deadlines.

To accommodate a customer’s timeline and scope of work, we can offer:

  • The temporary storage of new equipment
  • Project staging opportunities
  • Offsite pre-assembly services

Order Fulfillment

Southern Handling Systems developed a unique pallet rack moving device called the Monster Dolly™.

The dolly is available for rent (please contact us) or purchased on our website.

Our warehouse space is ideal for satisfying requests for our dolly, providing the space and time needed for:

  • Storage of dolly components
  • Assembly of components
  • Packaging
  • Shipping

Storage Service

With an easy-access loading dock and sizeable entrance, we offer warehouse lease agreements for:

  • Long-term covered storage of equipment and supplies
  • Production space for fabrication and manufacturing activities
  • Long-term outdoor parking

Used Equipment Sales

At SHS, we often purchase used equipment from current and former clients, even if it takes time to resell.

Our warehouse storage space enables us to:

  • Store the equipment on-site
  • Advertise its availability online
  • Offer used MHE at a discounted price