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Manual Palletizers


Palletizers, also known as Pallet Positioners or Pallet Load Levelers, are used to build and break down pallet loads in repacking, unloading, and assembly areas.

These devices rotate pallets 360° and are spring tensioned, allowing automatic height adjustment as boxes are added or removed.

Benefits of Palletizing Devices

According to the Materials Handling Institute (MHI), manual palletizing with this type of device provides many benefits ¹ for facilities and their workers:

  • Requires NO power or hydraulic systems
  • Automatically maintains a level height to the operator
  • Provides relief from back problems
  • Reduces worker fatigue
  • Speeds production

Spring Load Levelers

In the video, see how a Load Leveler automatically adjusts the height of a pallet load as boxes are added or removed.

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Presto P3 Spring Load Levelers

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